The Academie by Amy Joy


The Academie – Amy Joy

Remember that dream you had about suddenly finding yourself back in high school? All the tests you have to take that you didn’t get a chance to study for, not knowing where any of your classes are or any of your classmates? Welcome to The Academie, your nightmare has become your reality. In a near-future world, all people under the age of 23 are required by law to enter The Academie – A prison-like facility that claims to educate the nation’s youth and turn them into responsible, compliant, upstanding citizens. This change makes high schools (and their teachers) obsolete. Universities and their professors are quickly following, their students forced into The Academie. Allie Thompson was a happy sophomore in college when she found herself back in her old high school, living in a dorm room with a girl she didn’t know (and who apparently didn’t like her), in classes far below her level and knowing that she was stuck there for the next three years. She had seen the change her younger brother had gone through a year before when he entered, going from a normal high school student to an unfeeling, seemingly brainwashed model Academie student.

Slowly, she begins to see the cracks in The Academie walls and tries to share her bizarre experiences with her new circle of friends, her brother and her boyfriend, who all slowly admit similar observations. Suddenly, her life turned upside down as the horrifying truth revealed. The truth of what The Academie really is and what its plans for their future.

Learn more about the Academie Series and author Amy Joy at: The Academie Series

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