This is the first book I’ve read by this author, I almost didn’t choose it but I am so glad I did. While I read all sorts of genres, I always come back to thrillers. This is one of those stories that is personal feeling, it’s very easy to put yourself in the mind of the main character Catherine/Cathy.

Catherine is a young woman living in northern England. She has a group of friends to whom she is close and they spend a lot of time going out to pubs and partying. She lives a carefree, single lifestyle, drinking a little too much and often times waking up finding herself next to a man she doesn’t know.

Until she meets Lee. Suddenly, she is swept off of her feet by his startling good looks, take charge personality. Her friends are smitten and a bit jealous. But then, things begin to change and that’s where it starts getting scary.

This book is told in first person and goes back and forth to the current life of Cathy and the former life of Catherine. Cathy is Catherine 3 years later. Cathy is nearly paralyzed by severe obsessive-compulsive disorder, spending hours every day checking her windows, doors and apartment for signs of tampering, wandering in long, circuitous routes home each day so she can’t be followed, suffering from long bouts of insomnia. She is no longer the Catherine of the past because something horrible happened to her….and to Lee, who is never far from her mind, to change her life forever.

This book was so scary, it reminded me of an old Alfred Hitchcock movie or something where the terror isn’t blatant and spelled out, it sort of just creeps up on you as you begin to realize what’s going on, why “Catherine” is now “Cathy”. You can feel the loneliness, despair and mounting terror as the story goes on. Cathy is a likable character, someone who at first appears weak but quickly begins to show her strength. The story is set in a town called Lancaster, in the northern part of England and in London. The author is obviously British, but she doesn’t use a strong British English writing style that make the book seem foreign. I loved her writing style, the way she was able to build suspense and keep me interested and kept me guessing until the last sentence of the book.

If you’re looking for a dark thriller, you’ll love this. I can absolutely see this book made into a movie that would have me watching with one hand over my eyes.




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